Easy Digital Downloads Plugins

🔢🔗 Plugin Name (Click To Download)🗂 Plugin Version📅 Updated On📝 Plugin Description
1Easy Digital Downloads - PayPal Payments Advanced1.1.128/08/2017Adds a payment gateway for PayPal Payments Advanced to Easy Digital Downloads.
2Easy Digital Downloads - User History1.6.124/02/2020Track and store customer browsing history with their order.
3Easy Digital Downloads - Purchase Rewards1.113/04/2015Increase sales and build customer loyalty by rewarding customers.
4Easy Digital Downloads - Recurring Payments2.10.317/05/2021Sell subscriptions with Easy Digital Downloads.
5Easy Digital Downloads - Purchase Gravatars1.0.401/11/2017Displays gravatars of customers who have purchasesd your product.
6Easy Digital Downloads - Stripe Payment Gateway2.8.409/03/2021Adds a payment gateway for Stripe.com.
7Easy Digital Downloads - Invoices1.1.601/01/2019Display HTML Invoices for EDD.
8Easy Digital Downloads - Coupon Importer1.1.205/05/2017Adds the ability to import coupons via a CSV file.
9Easy Digital Downloads - Social Discounts2.0.511/06/2019Offer customers a discount for sharing your products.
10Easy Digital Downloads - Digital Badge1.007/11/2016Identfy products as digital and subscription.
11Easy Digital Downloads - Discount Widget1.0.319/08/2016Allow third-party sites to display your current downloads through a simple widget!
12Easy Digital Downloads - Hide Download1.2.918/03/2021Allows a download to be hidden as well as preventing direct access to the download.
13Easy Digital Downloads - Widgets Pack1.2.610/10/2016A pack of widgets for Easy Digital Downloads.
14Easy Digital Downloads - Mailchimp3.0.1205/01/2021Subscribe customers to Mailchimp lists when purchasing products through Easy Digital Downloads.
15Easy Digital Downloads - Favorites1.0.801/08/2017An add-on for EDD Wish Lists. Favorite/Unfavorite downloads in just 1 click.
16Easy Digital Downloads Recently Viewed Items1.0.217/12/2015Show your visitors the items they've recently viewed with this extension for Easy Digital Downloads.
17Easy Digital Downloads - Acquisition Survey1.0.219/07/2016Get feedback and statistics about where your customers are hearing about your site.
18Easy Digital Downloads - Dropbox File Store2.0.321/05/2019Adds support for storing and sharing your digital goods via Dropbox.
19Easy Digital Downloads - Terms Per Product1.0.604/12/2017Allow terms of use to be specified on a per-product basis.
20Easy Digital Downloads - Frontend Submissions2.6.516/10/2019Mimick Etsy, Envato, or Amazon type sites with this plugin and Easy Digital Downloads combined!
21Easy Digital Downloads - Check Payment Gateway1.3.408/03/2018Adds a payment gateway for accepting manual payments through hand-written checks.
22Easy Digital Downloads - Store Hours1.1.030/07/2016Easily handle store hours of operation on your Easy Digital Downloads-powered site.
23Easy Digital Downloads - Recommended Products1.2.1210/02/2017Recommended downloads plugin for Easy Digital Downloads.
24Easy Digital Downloads - PayPal Website Payments Pro And PayPal Express Gateway1.4.514/03/2019Adds a payment gateway for PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Express Gateway.
25Easy Digital Downloads - Resend Receipt1.0.118/12/2017Resend Receipt allows your customers to resend their purchase receipts directly from your website without logging into their account.
26Easy Digital Downloads - Downloads As Services1.0.705/01/2021Define downloads as 'services'. Services will not show 'no downloadable files founds' on the purchase confirmation page, nor will they show a dash in the purcahse receipt email.
27Easy Digital Downloads - Mad Mimi1.0.111/01/2013Include a MadMiMi signup option with your Easy Digital Downloads checkout.
28Easy Digital Downloads - All Access1.1.511/02/2021Sell 'All Access' memberships to your customers so they can download any product.
29Easy Digital Downloads - Free Downloads2.3.1004/03/2021Adds better handling for directly downloading free products to EDD.
30Easy Digital Downloads - Per Product Emails1.1.719/08/2020Custom purchase confirmation emails for your products.
31Easy Digital Downloads - Email Reports1.0.502/10/2019Sends a beautiful, compregensive sales performance report once a day to the store admin.
32Easy Digital Downloads - Disable Purchase Receipt1.013/09/2013Disables the standard purchase receipt sent to the customer.
33Easy Digital Downloads - GetResponse2.1.507/01/2019Include a GetResponse signup option with your Easy Digital Downloads checkout.
34Easy Digital Downloads - License Free Download1.0.129/10/2020Offer free product downloads to users with an active license of a previous products(s).
35Easy Digital Downloads - Conditional Emails1.1.111/06/2019Send notification emails based on conditional events.
36Easy Digital Downloads - Advanced Reports1.0.104/09/2015Provides tools to build your own custom reports for earnings, sales, and other data.
37Easy Digital Downloads - Gateway Fees1.5.327/07/2018Lets store owners charge fees for using gateways.
38Easy Digital Downloads - Compare Products1.1.328/06/2018Allows helpful product comparison tables to be easily generated.
39Easy Digital Downloads - Custom Deliverables1.0.303/08/2020This extension makes it possible to deliver cutom files to clients at a later time after they purchase. Perfect for freelancers or freelancing marketplaces like fiverr.com.
40Easy Digital Downloads - Campaign Monitor1.1.118/02/2014Include a Campaign Monitor signupoption with your Easy Digital Downloads checkout.
41Easy Digital Downloads - Add To Cart Popup1.1.225/05/2017An Easy Digital Downloads extension for showing a lightbox popoup when customers click the 'Add to Cart' button. Requires PHP 5.3 or later.
42Easy Digital Downloads - Featured Downloads1.0.518/03/2021Provides a intuitive interface and functionality for manging featured downloads.
43Easy Digital Downloads - Braintree1.2.111/02/2021Accept credit card payments in EDD using your Braintree merchant account.
44Easy Digital Downloads - Custom Prices1.5.607/01/2021Allow customers to enter a custom price for a product, based on a minimum price set in the admin.
45Easy Digital Downloads - Software Licensing3.721/01/2021Adds a software licensing system to Easy Digital Downloads.
46Easy Digital Downloads - ActiveCampaign1.1.119/06/2018Include an ActiveCampaign signup option with your Easy Digital Downloads checkout.
47Easy Digital Downloads - Checkout Fields Manager2.1.825/11/2020Easily add and control EDD's checkout fields!
48Easy Digital Downloads - Zapier1.3.916/10/2019Adds Zapier integration for your EDD Shop. Trigger actions based on new customers and oders. Send sample data to Zapier via Downloads > Settings > Extensions.
49Easy Digital Downloads - AWeber2.0.827/05/2020Include an AWeber sign up option with your Easy Digital Downloads checkout.
50Easy Digital Downloads - Simple Shipping2.3.816/10/2019Provides the ability to charge simple shipping fees for physical products in EDD.
51Easy Digital Downloads - Content Restriction2.319/12/2018Allows you to restrict content from posts, pages, and custom post types to only those users who have purchased certain products. Also includes bbPress support.
52Easy Digital Downloads - Variable Pricing Switcher1.0.506/12/2017Allows you to define custom price options that are specific to a single product in Easy Digital Downloads.
53Easy Digital Downloads - Discount Code Generator1.105/04/2014Create discount codes in bulk.
54Easy Digital Downloads - SofortBanking1.007/08/2013Easy Digital Downloads Plugin in accepting payment through SofortBanking Gateway.
55Easy Digital Downloads - QR Code1.1.120/04/2015Generate QR codes for your products!
56Easy Digital Downloads - Amazon S32.3.1115/10/2020Amazon S3 integration with EDD. Allows you to upload or download directly from your S3 bucket. Configure on Settings > Extensions tab.
57Easy Digital Downloads - Wallet1.1.420/01/2017Add a store credit system to Easy Digital Downloads.
58Easy Digital Downloads - Conditional Success Redirects1.1.620/11/2018Allows per-product confirmation pages on successful purchases.
59Easy Digital Downloads - Reviews2.1.1216/11/2020A fully featured reviewing system for Easy Digital Downloads.
60Easy Digital Downloads - Additional Shortcodes1.424/2/2017Adds additional shortcodes to EDD.
61Easy Digital Downloads - Git Download Updater1.2.226/01/2021Update Download files and changelog directly from Bitbucket or GitHub.
62Easy Digital Downloads - Restrict Content Pro Member Discounts1.1.512/10/2020Give RCP subscribers special discounts to EDD products.
63Easy Digital Downloads - Commissions3.4.1108/02/2021Record commissions automatically for users in your site when downloads are sold.
64Easy Digital Downloads - Download Email Attachments1.1.104/11/2016Send download files as email attachments when purchased.
65Easy Digital Downloads - Download Images1.203/04/2016Allows you to add additional images to a download and show them on your website.
66Easy Digital Downloads - Advanced Sequential Order Numbers1.0.813/01/2018Advanced sequential order numbers for Easy Digital Downloads.
67Easy Digital Downloads - Duplicate Downloads1.0.105/05/2017Duplicates EDD Downloads.
68Easy Digital Downloads - PDF Invoices2.2.2818/01/2021Creates PDF Invoices for each purchase available to both admins and customers.
69Easy Digital Downloads - Lock Downloads To IP1.0.118/03/2021An extension for Easy Digital Downloads to lock file downloads to the IP address used to purchase the file.
70Easy Digital Downloads - Keep Add To Cart1.0.0.305/03/2018Keep the 'Add To Cart' AJAX button on the screen instead of switching to a 'Checkout' button. This way, multiples can be added to the cart.
71Easy Digital Downloads - Purchase Limit1.2.2007/01/2021Allows site ownders to specify max purchase limits on individual products.
72Easy Digital Downloads - Message1.2.201/03/2021EDD Message adds powerful email messaging capabilities through which store owners can correspond with customers and vendors.
73Easy Digital Downloads - Gravity Forms Checkout1.5.218/10/2019Integrate Gravity Forms purchases with Easy Digital Downloads.
74Easy Digital Downloads - Authorize.net Gatway2.021/01/2020Adds a payment gateway for Authorize.net.
75Easy Digital Downloads - Cross-sell & Upsell1.1.818/12/2019Increase sales and customer retention by Cross-selling and Upselling to your customers.
76Easy Digital Downloads - ConvertKit1.0.606/07/2018Subscribe your customers to ConvertKit forms during purchase.
77Easy Digital Downloads - Campaign Tracker1.007/07/2015Tracks Google campaign data and associates EDD orders with campaign data.
78Easy Digital Downloads - ClickBank Gateway1.3.203/05/2020ClickBank gateway extension for Easy Digital Downloads.
79Easy Digital Downloads - Password Meter1.2.123/08/2016Adds a password strenght meter to the integrated signup form.
80Easy Digital Downloads - Conditional Gateway1.0.320/01/2017Allows you to configure supported gateways on a per-download basis.
81Pushover Notifications For Easy Digital Downloads1.3.228/03/2018Adds Easy Digital Downloads support to Pushover Notifications for WordPress.
82Easy Digital Downloads - Per Product Notifications1.2.319/08/2016Integrates per product sale notification. Send sale notifications to each defined recipient.
83Easy Digital Downloads - Fraud Monitor1.1.401/11/2018An EDD extension that auto detects possible fraud based on some pre-defined rules and puts any payment that gets caught as potential fraud in a moderation queue.
84Easy Digital Downloads - List File Names1.0.122/02/2014Show a download's file names in a simple list.
85Easy Digital Downloads - Auto Register1.3.1402/11/2020Automatically creates a WP user account at checkout, based on customer's email address.
86Easy Digital Downloads - Wish Lists1.1.717/07/2017Gives tour customers the ability to save and share their favourite products on your site.
87Easy Digital Downloads - Upload File2.1.426/04/2019Allows your customers to attach a file to their order. Files can be attached at the checkout page or at the receipt page.
88Easy Digital Downloads - Slack1.1.221/08/2020Slack integration for Easy Digital Downloads.
89Easy Digital Downloads - MaxMind Fraud Prevention1.0.030/01/2013Integrate MaxMind into your checkout process to help prevent fraud.
90Easy Digital Downloads - Manual Purchases2.0.501/11/2017Provides an admin interface for manually creating purchase orders in Easy Digital Downloads.
91Easy Digital Downloads - MailPoet (former Wysija)1.4.111/11/2018Add customers to your newsletter lists in MailPoet.
92Easy Digital Downloads - Discounts Pro1.4.1026/01/2021Add powerful discounting options to EDD.

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