Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Yes, all plugins on this site are downloaded directly from the original plugin developer's website and upload onto our server for you to use.

No, as a plugin provider platform under the governance of GNU GPL, we can only provide plugins of such participating developers. We are not resellers or any representatives of the developers.

Dvalop is a platform that consolidates a mass number of plugins for our customers to have a plugins hub to get access to their GNU GPL plugins.

Our plugins are updated on Monday weekly based on the following situations:

  • Availability from our source
  • Tech team to run through the plugins to check its stability
  • Release from our team to be updated into the platform

Do not be alarmed if the plugin you wanted to update took up to 1 month to be released. Developers sometimes find hot fixes and riddles their plugins with multiple updates at once. These cause our tech team to be delayed as they are running through the diagnostics and preparation to release into the platform.

Absolutely. WordPress is an open sourced platform that is governed under the GNU project. So, under the Global Public License (GPL), any software buyer has the right to freely redistribute the software as long as the source code is shared and any modifications is credited back to the author. 

When you decide to make your purchase through us, it serves as a form of crowd funding, except in this case, we’ve already bought the large majority of plugins and themes. A license with the author gives you automatic updates and support, unfortunately, we cannot share the license key as that is not covered under GNU GPL.

Thankfully, you don’t need the license to use the plugins and themes. And that is also the reason you can use them on as many sites as you wish.

That being said, if you do enjoy a particular plugin or theme, we do encourage you to buy a license from the developer to show your support and appreciation for their work.

While all plugin development falls under GPL, some developers have found a workaround solution by using split license. Because while the development work is considered Free Software, the design aspect isn’t.

So, some developers choose to license their templates and CSS elements separately. In such cases, there is no way to share these plugins cheaply without modifying each of these plugins.

Unfortunately, the only way to tell which license a plugin falls under is to read through their terms. Part of the effort my team does in maintaining this website, is to read through each plugin’s terms to ensure that we have the right to share those plugins.

The last thing we want is for our clients to receive “cease and desist” letters from plugin developers because of this licensing issue. It’s one of the reasons we pay a lot of attention making sure you only receive genuine plugins with their original files and that they are fully covered under GPL.

We make it a point to upload the latest version of the themes and plugins every Friday.

Simply log into your account and you can download the latest version. You will need to manually upload this software into your WordPress site each time you want the latest version.

I’ll admit this extra 5 minutes each week is a little more tedious, but when you consider the thousands of dollars saved every year… I think the few extra minutes is more than reasonable.

All you have to do right now is to click on the Add-to-Cart button for whichever plugin or membership you're interested in purchasing.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be brought to a secure checkout page, where you just have to fill in your payment details, and as soon as you complete your order and the payment is confirmed…

You’ll receive instant access to the member’s area where you can start downloading as many themes and plugins as you wish.

And in case you ever forget…

We’ll send you a couple of emails with your receipt and login details so you can easily access this website again.

With more than 600+ plugins and themes at your disposal, you no longer feel the inability to build that desired website for yourself or your customers! Not sure if this might be a scam? Try out our free plugin and see for yourself if there is any, thats the confidence we have in our services and integrity.

Due to high demand, our system is doing its best to send you the welcome mail/gift and it might take some time for the system to process. Do give it up to 24 hours for us to process and send you the promo code. We thank you for being patient.

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