NinjaForms Plugins

\🔗 Plugin Name (Click To Download)🗂 Plugin Version📅 Updated On📝 Plugin Description
1Ninja Forms - File Uploads3.3.1113/04/2021File Uploads add-on for Ninja Forms.
2Ninja Forms - Conditional Logic3.0.2808/10/2020Conditional form logic add-on for Ninja Forms.
3Ninja Forms - Post Creation3.0.1008/10/2020Create posts, pages, or any custom post type from the front-end.
4Ninja Forms - ClickSend3.0.123/05/2020ClickSend SMS is a powerful way to send notifications with open rate approaching 100%.
5Ninja Forms - ActiveCampaign3.0.623/05/2020Integrates Ninja Forms with your ActiveCampaign account so you can add users to your contact lists when they submit a Ninja Form!
6Ninja Forms - Addon Manager3.0.1323/05/2020Install Ninja Forms add-ons with a single click.
7Ninja Forms - Save Progress3.0.2525/01/2021Save Progress add-on for Ninja Forms.
8Ninja Forms - Help Scout3.1.323/05/2020Integrate with Help Scout.
9Ninja Forms - PDF Form Submissions3.1.425/01/2021Automatically convert form submissions into PDFs. View PDFs in backend or attach to form email.
10Ninja Forms - Mail Chimp3.2.230/12/2020Sign up users for your Mail Chimp newsletter when submitting Ninja Forms.
11Ninja Forms - Layout & Styles3.0.2915/02/2020Form layout and styling add-on for Ninja Forms.
12Ninja Forms - User Management3.0.1210/02/2019Register and manage users on your WordPress website with Ninja Forms.
13Ninja Forms - White Label1.0.527/09/2019Brand the amazing Ninja Forms plugin however you like. Change 'Ninja Forms' to any other name and remove any reference to Ninja Forms.
14Ninja Forms - EmailOctopus3.0.027/09/2019Grow your base with Ninja Forms and EmailOctopus.
15Ninja Forms - Webhooks3.0.527/09/2019Send submission data collected by Ninja Forms to an external API/URL.
16Ninja Forms - Insightly CRM3.2.027/09/2019Use the power of Ninja Forms to add entries to your Insightly CRM.
17Ninja Forms - Salesforce CRM3.2.027/09/2019Salesforce Extension connecting Ninja Forms to your Salesforce Account.
18Ninja Forms - Stripe3.1.327/09/2019Allows for integration with the Stripe payment gateway.
19Ninja Forms - Zoho CRM3.427/09/2019Connect to your Zoho CRM account with the power and ease of Ninja Forms.
20Ninja Forms - Slack3.0.327/09/2019This plugin Sends a Slack notification when a new form is submitted through Ninja Forms.
21Ninja Forms - Recurly3.0.427/09/2019Integration with the Recurly service for recurring subscription plans.
22Ninja Forms - Batchbook CRM1.3.327/09/2019Use the power of Ninja Forms to add entries to your Batchbook CRM.
23Ninja Forms - Constant Contact3.0.630/12/2020Sign users up for your Constant Contact newsletter when submitting Ninja Forms.
24Ninja Forms - IntelligenceWP3.0.227/09/2019Intelligent analytics for Ninja Forms.
25Ninja Forms - Emma3.0.427/09/2019Emma's simple and stylish email marketing add-on for Ninja Forms.
26Ninja Forms - iContact1 .027/09/2019Add user to the iContact campaign when Ninja form is submitted.
27Ninja Forms - User Analytics3.0.125/01/2020Add user analytics to Ninja Forms.
28Ninja Forms - Twilio SMS3.0.127/09/2019Integrates Ninja Forms with Twilio to send SMS messages.
29Ninja Forms - Zoho Creator1.127/09/2019Use Ninja Forms to add entries to Zoho Creator.
30Ninja Forms - Campaign Monitor3.0.527/09/2019Sign users up for your Campaign Monitor newsletter when submitting Ninja Forms.
31Ninja Forms - CleverReach3.1.327/09/2019Add subscribers to your Cleverreach campaigns from your Ninja Forms.
32Ninja Forms - Custom Form Labels1.0.427/09/2019Adds the possibility to use Custom Form Labels for each form.
33Ninja Forms - Multi-Part Forms3.0.2627/09/2019Multi-Part Forms add-on for Ninja Forms.
34Ninja Forms - GetResponse1.2.127/09/2019Add user to the GetResponse campaign when Ninja form is submitted.
35Ninja Forms - AWeber3.1.127/09/2019Sign users up for your AWeber newsletter when submitting Ninja Forms.
36Ninja Forms - PopControl1.127/09/2019PopControl gets you information on the people using your site.
37Ninja Forms - Text Message Notifications1.127/09/2019Add text message notifications to your Ninja Forms.
38Ninja Forms - Table Editor3.0.427/09/2019Adds a new Ninja Forms field that is an Excel like grid table editor.
39Ninja Forms - Capsule CRM3.4.027/09/2019Fully integrate your website with Capsule using the power of Ninja Forms.
40Ninja Forms - MailPoet3.0.027/09/2019Allow users to add themselves to your MailPoet newsletters on any Ninja Forms form.
41Ninja Forms - Zapier3.0.827/09/2019Integrates Ninja Forms with Zapier.
42Ninja Forms - PayPal Express3.0.1527/09/2019Use PayPal Express to accept payments using your Ninja Forms.
43Ninja Forms - Pushover1.0.327/09/2019Awesome push notifications of form submissions right from Pushover!
44Ninja Forms - Pipeline Deals CRM3.0.127/09/2019Connect your Ninja Forms to Pipeline Deals CRM.
45Ninja Forms - WebMerge3.0.327/09/2019Create Documents Faster with the Ninja Forms integration for WebMerge.
46Ninja Forms - OnepageCRM3.0.027/09/2019Send your Ninja Forms submission directly into your One Page CRM account.
47Ninja Forms Videomail3.5.227/09/2019Express yourself in more than just words. Record and send a short video from your webcam.
48Ninja Forms - Elavon Payment Gateway3.1.027/09/2019Add the Elavon payment gateway to process credit cards through your Ninja Forms.
49Ninja Forms - Vimeo Uploader3.0.227/09/2019Adds the ability to upload videos directly to Vimeo from Ninja Forms.
50Ninja Forms - Excel Export3.3.217/09/2020Export Ninja Forms submissions to Excel file.
51Ninja Forms - Mad Mimi1.0.227/09/2019Integrate Mad Mimi with your Ninja Form forms.
52Ninja Forms - Secure Form1.1.227/09/2019Create secure forms that are password protected or protected via external verification with licenses.
53Ninja Forms - Trello3.0.327/09/2019Create Trello cards from your Ninja Forms submissions.
54Ninja Forms - ConvertKit3.0.227/09/2019Email Capture forms for ConvertKit using Ninja Forms.
55Ninja Forms - Freshbooks1.0.127/09/2019Freshen your books with Ninja Forms and Freshbooks!
56Ninja Forms - Sendy3 .027/09/2019Add user to the Sendy List when Ninja Form is submitted.
57Ninja Forms - Highrise CRM3.0.018/11/2018Send your Ninja Forms submissions to your Highrise CRM account.
58Ninja Forms - Hubspot Integration3.0.015/11/2020Integrate Ninja Forms with your Hubspot account.
59Ninja Forms - amoCRM3.0.015/11/2020Integrate Ninja Forms with your amoCRM account.

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